Funded Programs

Employment Networks is your local provider of Employment Ontario Services and Programs for both Job Seekers and Employers



THE EMPLOYMENT SERVICE provides Ontarians with access to all the employment services and supports they need in one location, so they can find and keep a job, apply for training, and plan a career that’s right for them.

SECOND CAREER is a re-training program for laid-off individuals from lower-skilled jobs who require skills training to assist them to find employment in higher demand occupations in Ontario, returning individuals to employment by the most cost-effective path. The program eligibility and suitability are determined individually. This re-training program can cover up to 2 years of re-training, up to $28,000, and applications can include requests to cover costs such as limitations such as: lack of transportation, no license, only one vehicle per family, lack of Grade 12, limited work experience, etc., we can discuss options and provide you with suggestions in dealing with, or eliminating, these hurdles.

THE TIOW PROGRAM helps unemployed workers aged 55 to 64, and is available in vulnerable communities of fewer than 250,000 people that have high unemployment or rely to a large extent on single industries. TIOW is administered at select Employment Ontario offices. TIOW helps older workers reintegrate back into employment and ensure that they remain active and productive workers while their communities undergo adjustment by providing wage subsidies, job development and training. As part of the program there is job search training, and in-class style workshops.

EMPLOYMENT & TRAINING SUPPORTS address temporary financial barriers that could keep low-income clients from accepting employment. Supports are up to $500 and can cover costs such as Work Clothing, Special Equipment for the job, Certification charges

APPRENTICESHIP SCHOLARSHIP provides $1,000 to support individuals who require high school upgrading to meet the academic eligibility to secure an apprenticeship in their chosen trade. This upgrading may take up to one year. An initial $500 payment when the individual is registered for upgrading, and a final $500 when trade employment is found and the individual is registered with MAESD as an apprentice.

YOUTH JOB LINK an employment program that will help youth, including students, who do not face significant barriers to employment access employment and career resources and information, including summer employment opportunities. Youth Job Link features individual supports and employer incentives to offset the cost of on-the-job training.