Resource and Information Centre

Our Resource and Information Centre  provides information on careers and occupations, the local labour market, training opportunities,   apprenticeships and job search strategies. The Resource Centre is a walk-in, self-directed community resource open to the public, and it is free to use.

Looking for Work?

For job seekers we have a Job Board which has up-to-date postings from the local newspapers and direct from local employers who call in.  Other job search resources include employment magazines, business directories, yellow pages,     business journals, and internet links for our job seekers.

Need Help Job Searching?

Using scheduled appointments in our lab, receive assistance with resume development, interview skills, research and job search strategies. For those interested in working independently on resumes and cover letters, or learning about employers, there is a library of self-study guides to help you conduct an effective and thorough job search.  Our independent modules are beneficial in learning how to develop the best job search tools and techniques to manage your job search activities. We also provide workshops on how to look for work, make career decisions, and perform well in a job interview.

Looking to Change Careers?

Information about different careers, job duties, wage expectations and job prospects is important when making a career decision and planning for a career change. Also available to help make good decisions about your future is current labour market information, information on the education and certification needed and a self-study guide on Career Decision Making  to help you navigate your career choice and ensure a smooth transition.

Interested in Education & Training?

Choosing the best school can take a lot of thought.  What is the best route; public college, university, private college, or    apprenticeship?  We provide you with information on different schools, as well as tools so you can compare course content and training styles and certifications, to find out if education is the best way to increase your skills and help with future employability.

And, what about Employment in General?

We have a lot of information on employment, about employment maintenance or employer expectations, and the tools and skills needed to keep a job, current government issues, including; the Employment Ontario publications of Human Rights, The Employment Standards Act, Accessibility Standards, Occupational Health and Safety, WHMIS and WSIB.  We also have Self-Employment information for those entrepreneurs who want to become their own boss.

Need Additional Community Services?

Unemployment sometimes takes place alongside other life struggles which Employment Networks is not equipped to assist you with.  However, we have a great deal of information on various services that can provide financial, legal, and mental health supports to name a few, all offered through confidential referrals.

Need Computer or Business Equipment Access?

We provide access to computers with internet, a photocopier, fax machine and printer, telephones and phone message     services for job search purposes. For those who are new to computers we have awareness workshops to help familiarize you with the basics required for job search.